Hello, my name is Jacob Tyrie.

I have recently completed my Astrophysics degree at the University of Edinburgh. I have a particular interest in the way technology is used to aid business. I have created my own photography business (Jacob Tyrie Photography), which has given me a strong insight into business needs and requirements. I am also used to working for clients for a number of reasons including as a photographer, website designer and as a riding instructor. Please read below to find out more.


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The University of Edinburgh

Master of Physics with Honours Astrophysics

First Class

The MPhys course covers all aspects of Physics and a selection of computing and modelling skills. My studies included:

  • Computational Programming - including modelling using JAVA and other languages.
  • Advanced Physics - analytical skills and understanding of concepts.
  • Advanced Mathematics - numerous mathematical techniques for problem solving.

Group projects have developed my communications and team skills; working with others to build a technical report on our work. Personal project work has improved my research skills as well as general scientific understanding. Further, work has enhanced my technical abilities using several astrophysics software packages in the Linux environment. My personal projects have involved mapping comets for collision risks and trying to find high redshift galaxies in the Hubble Field.

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Sandbach School

A Levels
Mathematics A
Physics A
Geography A
AS Levels
General Studies A
Product Design C
Mathematics (and additional) A* (A*)
Science (and additional) A* (A*)
Art and Design A
Geography A
English Language A
English Literature A
Design and Technology A

Business Expertise

Jacob Tyrie Photography

I have established and managed my own photography business, focusing on taking pictures at weddings, balls and club nights. This involves understanding clients’ requirements and delivering a high quality service. This has generated positive feedback, which acts to advertise my business further.

Managing the business involves using several technologies, including creating my own professional website in HTML5 and extensive use of software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Working freelance, I am booked through my website to carry out photography roles. Clients take the form of couples or societies; through communicating with the client I can create a brief for their specific requirements and needs.

Being a wedding photographer has made me confident when interacting with people, but also given me responsibility to ensure weddings run smoothly by guiding the couple and guests through their day.

Running a business and having a full time degree has established my time management skills. One of the tools I use to stay on track of important tasks is using apps

Edinburgh Complex Fluids

I was hired through the Employ.ed, a scheme which encourages departments within the University to hire students to conduct professional, valuable work. My role was to assess the current state of the ECFP website and through working with the group offer suggestions for a new website, aiming to: attract professional interest, incorporate social media for advertising purposes and give a description of what ECFP offers to a business partner.

As part of the internship at ECFP I achieved an Edinburgh Award. The award looks at nurturing transferable skills which are sought by employers. This was encouraged through self reflection, focusing on setting goals to improve skills whilst working. I focused on seeking feedback and using it effectively in my work, amongst other goals.

I was recently nominated for "Best Intern" in the National Undergraduate Employability Awards for my work at ECFP.

Etempa Solutions Limited

I have coded a number of projects for Etempa Solutions Ltd, using HTML, CSS, PHP and javascript. These projects involved fulfilling a client’s brief, coding a website or creating more advanced software, either as part of a team or individually. Often a wordpress site was created to aid the clients' control of a website; the content management system allows easy creation and alteration of the site by the client. Working for Etempa has improving my general coding ability, as I have learnt several new techniques during each project. Some of the websites I have been involved with are listed below.

Hurstvale Riding School

Temporary Manager - Responsibilities include interacting with clients, handling monetary transactions, looking after the property and the horses. Recently I have also redesigned the company website using HTML5.

Riding Instructor - Teaching children between the ages of four and twelve to horse ride.

IT and Technology

All my IT knowledge has been self-taught through online tutorials. I am an experienced user of Microsoft Office programs, as well as Latex which is widely used in academia. I am also a fluent user of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 having made several websites using both, including my own. I can also code in Flash, jQuery and PHP as well as in C and Java. In addition, I have a working knowledge of the Unix and Windows environment and quickly learn new softwares.


I specialise in building responsive websites, designed to suit any device. A few notable examples of my own work are given below.



I was a member of Scouts between 2001-2010. These are some of my most notable achievements:

  • Young Scout Leader – 2009-2010. Supervised scouts between the ages of 8 and 11, and organised group activities.
  • Dragnet Scouting Competition – Winner Summer 2009. This required me to work as a team, sometimes shouldering the role of leader, whilst keeping everyone’s interests in mind. A lot of willpower and motivation were needed, which I directed both at myself and my team members to allow us to keep going at a competitive speed.
  • Cheshire Hike – Overall winner 2007, District winner 2004-7.

Other Interests

  • Horse riding
  • Photography
  • Homebrewing
  • Skiing
  • Walking
  • Cinema